Premium motor spirit (PMS) is one of the most widely used petroleum products with the highest turn over rate in volume and as such is regulated in terms of pricing, subsidized by government, It is a mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum that is used as fuel for internal combustion engines.

Today, it is prepared by mixing various components produced by refining processes such as atmospheric distillation, polymerization, isomerization and catalytic reforming among others.

At JGold, our PMS consists of organic compounds and additives that enhances engine performance.

More Information

Compatible with all fuel automobiles.

Superior quality due to the additives.

Ensures cleanliness of the engine’s fuel supply system.

Helps to prevent rust and corrosion


  • Specific gravity 60°/60 F (0.757-0,77 maximum)
  • Distillation range ( oC) 35-205
  • 205 maximum
  • Odour (Merchantable)
  • Existent gum (mg/100ml) 4 max.